Romesh Ranganathan

Lil’ Muffin Drops The Mic

Lil’ Muffin Drops The Mic, book cover

Lil’ Muffin Drops The Mic

Debut middle grade book.

Following the incredible success of his previous publications “As Good As it Gets’ and ‘Straight Outta Crawley’, the comedy powerhouse Romesh Ranganathan returns with his debut middle grade book ‘Lil’ Muffin Drops The Mic’, out now.

This infectious and hysterical read is ideal for readers aged 8+ and explores the hilarious and whole-hearted take on the colliding worlds of rap battles and baking!

The book follows the story of James, who since the departure of his father,  can’t seem to stop worrying about everything. His favourite hobby, baking, is a fun (and delicious!) distraction, but no matter how many AMAZING brownies he makes, James still feels like there’s a missing ingredient in his life . . .

Until he discovers rapping, and he’s COMPLETELY hooked. It’s not long before James starts writing his own raps about everything – from music and cakes to his giant pet rabbit, Graham!

So when he hears that grime artist star Brukka is on the hunt for young talent, James starts to wonder: could this be his chance to share his MUFFINS, his MUSIC, and maybe even his feelings with the whole school? If he could only find the confidence . . .