Romesh Ranganathan

Asian Provocateur Series Two

Asian Provocateur

Asian Provocateur Series Two

BBC Three sends Romesh Ranganathan on an international adventure with his Mum for Asian Provocateur series two

Fresh from his nomination for Best Entertainment Performance at the forthcoming Bafta Television Awards, Romesh Ranganathan will return to BBC Three for more Asian Provocateur after a successful first series saw him return to his motherland of Sri Lanka at the behest of this mother Shanthi.

Asian Provocateur

It took Shanthi twenty years to convince Romesh to travel to Sri Lanka and learn about his heritage. Now Shanthi has convinced Romesh to join her and travel further afield in search of other relatives they’ve never met and explore what his life could have been like if they’d ended up somewhere other than Crawley.

For six weeks they will visit extended family across the continents and be joined by some of the characters Romesh met in the first series for stints along the way. Will their relationship survive them spending every moment together, when what Romesh wants to be a relaxing trip with his mother is certainly going to end up being the complete opposite?

Romesh loves his mum, but the thought of going on holiday with her for six weeks strikes fear into his heart. As Shanthi tries to do some late on-set parenting whilst simultaneously expecting him to organise everything, Romesh will inevitably return to a petulant teenage state whilst Shanthi tells anyone who’ll listen all of his childhood misdemeanours with her classic motherly candour.

Romesh said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be embarking on a second series, mainly to deal with the issue of people repeatedly telling me that my mum is funnier than me. I didn’t want her involved but I’ve been told that if I refuse they’ll do it with just her.”

Asian Provocateur - Romesh

The 6 x 30 series will be produced by Rumpus Media in association with Green Bee Productions for BBC Three, and is commissioned by Damian Kavanagh, Controller, BBC Three and Alan Tyler, Acting Controller of Entertainment. The commissioning editor will be Rachel Ashdown for BBC Entertainment.

Damian Kavanagh:

“We love the fact Romesh is coming back to BBC Three with more maternal meddling.”


Alan Tyler said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be bringing a second series of Asian Provocateur to our audiences. The first series was smart, insightful and extremely funny providing a perfect forum for Romesh’s quick wit and inquiring mind. He is a genuine star and with his mum may just have created a perfect double act.”

Rachel Ashdown said:

“The relationship between Romesh and Shanthi is one we can all relate to. After years of not travelling, Shanthi has a lot she wants to see so and do, which is very different from what Romesh wants to do. I can’t wait to see what happens when they spend six weeks away together.”

Managing Director from Rumpus Media, Emily Hudd, said:

“We and Shanthi and are thrilled that Romesh will be accompanying her on the trip she’s always dreamed of for Asian Provocateur series two. After the success of series one, Shanthi is keen to put more responsibility on her son’s shoulders as they head further afield. However as Romesh is rubbish at organising anything, we’re expecting lots of teenage petulance from him and typically blunt and funny appraisal from his Mum.”